"Logical, not ideological." Kimberly Crow

"This book has really been a blessing to me" Beverly L. Parks

"Logically consistent and presents a compelling argument." Zach Woolard

"Rudel tries to point out that the central message (going to heaven or hell) of the church might not be the central message of the Bible. He makes a good case of it too, and I recommend that you read this book to find out all about that case....
Whether you agree with Rudel’s perspectives and conclusions or not, I recommend that any honest person of faith read this book. It asks questions that need to be asked and will get your blood pumping and your thoughts surging around the Bible in a way I don’t think most people ever experience. Reading “The Gospel You’ve Never Heard” is like reading the Bible again for the first time. It’ll open your eyes."
James Pyles at Congregation Shema Yisrael

"David Rudel’s Who Really Goes to Hell? — The Gospel You’ve Never Heard is an important book. He will posit ideas and ask questions about the Bible’s teachings and about the Church’s use of those teachings that may trouble you. The questions are honest, thoroughly researched, meticulously argued, and will wash over you like incessant waves. Most annoyingly, his questions are always referenced to scripture as the standard." - Pastor Edward Hopkins

"I found this book the first of its kind in addressing concerns I've had regarding the juxtoposition of conservative Christain dogma and the teachings of Christ. David Rudel uses a well-researched Bible-based approach to answering these questions by studiously examining scriptures whose meaning we may mistakenly take for granted." Elaine Shaw

"I feel that the book grabs the reader fairly early on with some of the very simple, but quite earth-shaking questions he raises." -Blogger Aaron Lozier

"The value of this book for liberal Christians is the joyful and refreshing realization that the priorities of the church do not reflect the priorities of the Bible. The ideas found here allow me to love the Bible and the true gospel without compromise, and inspire me to reimagine the church. At the same time, I’m challenged to re-read and evaluate uncomfortable Scripture honestly and bravely, without retreating to my modern values."-Nancy Arrens

Comments From Excerpt Readers

The book has not been out very long, but a number of people have sent in their reactions to the excerpt posted online.

"I'm fascinated by what you've written as it completely rings true and already has me sitting up and, frankly, reading the bible in a far more aware state than before" -Marianna Rouillion

"i was really intrigued by the excerpt i just read! it really got me thinking about exactly what do we see in the bible? we jump to conclusions and i really feel your book could well help me as a new christian of only a year!!" -Blaine M.

"Amazing. It's like seeing the obvious for the first time." -Brigette A.

"Dude, seriously!! This is amazing stuff. I linked to this page thinking, "what non-sense is this atheistic moron trying to convey?" With an open mind and guarded heart, I read your Gospel? tab. For lack of better expression, I was blown away. Everything I read was right on the pulse of where I stand with "the church" and how doctrine instead of Truth is taught. After digging into your blogs, it just dug deeper. The way you portray the Truth in a fasion that even 'non-believers' can justify, is a rare gift. I am psyched to get your book....and I HATE reading!" -Barrett R.

"Thank you for this website of excellent resource and all your hard work in the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ." -David D.

"Wow, im really impressed with what I have read so far. Keep up the good work, I really look forward to reading the rest of the book when it is finshed." -Ian Yates

"Your style is as lucid as George Orwell and that ain't bad." -John G.

"I found this to be a breath of fresh air." -Gerald U.

"This is truth!" -Richard D.

"I enjoyed chapter 1 & eagerly await the next chapters.Your insightful observations clarify lingering questions I have had for the past 50 years." -Jim Warren

"I just finished reading your first chapter and found it extremely interesting and intriguing because it addresses the same nagging questions I've had(but never had the intellectual fortitude to try to make sense of)." -Keith

"Amazing read. I feel blessed to have found a like minded individual." -Liz J.

"Extremely well-done; mind-opening; teaching." -Maryanne U.

"I've wondered about these very things for years!" - Rebecca Kimmel

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