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The front-matter, including Table of Contents, Foreword by Pastor Edward Hopkins, and introductory remarks.

A Journey Begun by DONT WALKing
A discussion of what lead me to wonder if the version of Christianity I had been taught was supported by the Bible.

Jesus' Teachings on the Judgment
An inventory of Christ's own words on the Final Judgment, and why they are not easily ignored.

The Frame
Discusses two major understandings of salvation and explains why they are not simply the same thing viewed at different angles. Conjectures that many biblical problems with modern Christianity are caused by using the wrong definition for salvation.

From Eternal Life to Salvation
Gives Biblical reasons for revamping our understanding of important terms based on the Jewish context and cultural heritage of the New Testament writers.

A Chain of Broken Links
Why the standard explanation of how the Judgment works very far from what the Bible says.
(This chapter begins the second major part of the book, so it starts with a short review of the earlier chapters.)

What Judgment Can We Expect?
Describes what can be said about the Judgment and suggests a paradigm consistent with scripture.

Faith... and FaithfulnessWhat kind of faith matters to Jesus?

What is The Gospel Anyway?
A description of what Jesus and His disciples taught as the Gospel prior to His death and immediately afterward.

God Surprises Everyone
The critical addition to the message Paul describes as a "secret" kept from past generations.

Making Sense of Paul
Four keys to better understanding Paul's letters.

How does Salvation Work?
A description of atonement that does not suffer from the biblical problems plaguing the standard, evangelical version most people are told'

Related Topics
What Jesus didn't preach as the gospel, biblical problems with the modern gospel, a comparison of the Bible's claims versus Conservative Evangelical Christianity, and a discussion of how early church theologians understood redemption.

Scripture Index
The book cites scripture about 1150 times. Want to see where I incorporate a particular passage or verse? Look it up.