I did not think it appropriate to have a page in the book for acknowledgments, just as I did not find it appropriate to have an About the Author page or even a dedication. However, there are many, many people who contributed either to the creation of the book or to my spiritual development in lesser or greater ways. I'd like to acknowledge them here.

Thanks are particularly due to Nancy Arrens, Elaine Shaw, Edward Hopkins, Patrick Pierce, and Jared Jackson. The book would not be what it is today without their input.

In addition to these, there are a handful of people responsible for my spiritual journey, some of whom played critical roles in the odd path begun at that one DON'T WALK sign. I appreciate the impact those people had, even if some of them probably would rather not have had that impact given the content of the book. These would include Danielle Davey (yes, she is that Danielle), Karen Chen, John Armstrong, Craig Parker, Chris West, Mindy Au, Mary Ellen Tiffany Gilder, Penguin Marianne Karplus, and I'm sure several others at Dartmouth as well as, of course, Diana Wood and Frank "Buck" Rudel.

And I would be forever shamed for not trying to mention at least a few of the myriad others who helped in writing this book: Beverly L. Parks, Lauren Rabb, Sara Martin, Ruth Walker, Aaron Lozier, Philip Stevens, David Martin Stevens, Adam Crowl, Brianne Lowrie, Rani Tate, Grant Marshall, Chanelle Henry, Laurel Bradley, Chip Williamson, and Jessica Kathy.

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